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Quality is Longetivity. A Century of Trust

Whiz is old fashioned care for quality for modern application. Whiz traces its roots to the beginning of the United States auto industry in the early 1900’s. It was then owned by the Hollingshead Company of New Jersey. Whiz products were customized to the growing needs of the “new” horseless carriages which propelled America into a new era of mobility and industrial dominance. Around 1920, Whiz became one of the first auto-related chemical and oil brands to be exported from the United States. It was even owned, at one time in its history, by the Thompson family of Dallas, Texas, the same owners of 7-11 (now owned by Seven & I Holdings) and Chief Auto Parts (now owned by Auto Zone). Whiz is now based in Ohio and Sold globally.
Whiz products are made of the highest quality materials and processes and tested to comply with relevant government and industry standards for engines, transmissions, gear boxes, bearings, compressors, hydraulic pumps, brake systems, and cooling systems. Whiz is made in carefully selected facilities in the United States and around the world to ensure quality, reliability and availability.